5.50 prometheus

Does this in any way work with the last M33? But on the plus side my gba emu still works. Mar 27, Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Fix crash when unloading the issueamendment reboot show. I still haven't installed the GEN line of firmwares.

[PSP] Custom Firmware 5.50 Prometheus v2 - Plays 6.20 Games

Excellentnuke Jul 3, Download the XGen Updater on this page and run the installer again make sure you select promehteus 5. Mar 27, Grand Junction, Colorado. In the source page faq he has at the bottom, it says this: You lost me at CFWEnabler.

Nov 6, Norway. M33 Prometheus Installer v1. I think I found my answer.

[PSP] Custom Firmware Prometheus v2 - Plays Games | Digiex

May 9, England. This works very well.

HiI need your help. Do you already have an account? Hi sylv3rblade, i have a psp It work great however some of my save games are corrupted even though i backup them…rather sad.

Juanmatron Jun 23, Is it a bug or did I fuck something up? Check adding firmware 5. I sorry, I've fallen behind on PSP hacking. Rpometheus I think I updated to 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

For prome-4, just follow the instructions above. Homebrew coder Liquidzigong is back to release a new version of custom firmware 5. Thanks in advance for any help.

Does this in any way work with the last M33? Hi, i have a psp with MHUspeedv3, then i installed a cfw enabler cfwenabler 3. After that, install the prometheus module on this page and try your ISOs again.


Repair v3 not work problem. Feb 10, United States. Log in or Sign up. Dec 4, Somewhere on earth But on the 550 side my gba emu still works. However Ghost Recon Predator boots but has no sound on the menu and when I press new game…it shuts down the psp. I have a couple of questions for you guys.

The problem is not with the camera because it works on another PSP…could I do something on my firmware?

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